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Indiana Association of Building Officials


ABM/ICEC Committee
Objective:  To select the site of and oversee the details of the Association's Annual Business Meeting.  The ABM Committee meets monthly.
Chairman:  Co-Chairman Jim Straws (260) 274--1490  and Co-Chairman Shad Paul 260-356-5146
Members:  Bob Bullock, Kipp Cantrell, Chuck DeWitt, Brian Baker, Brian Herald, Heather J. Million, Mike Popich, Craig Wagner

Bylaws Committee
Objective:  To write changes as necessary to the charter document of the Association.  The Bylaws Committee meets occasionally as the need arises.
Chairman:  Craig Wagner, (260) 248-3112
Members:  Chuck DeWitt and Michelle Cox

Code Committee
Objective:  To review and propose changes to the State and model codes; to monitor and then disseminate these changes to the Association.  The Code Committee meets regularly, usually monthly.
Chairman: Mike Popich  (317) 327-5550
Members:  Craig Wagner, Chuck Bulot, Vicki Thrasher, William Hohlt, Adam Holman, Daniel Sheposh

Education Committee
Objective:  To promote education by arranging and offering classes for members.  The Education Committee meets regularly, usually monthly.  The Committee holds classes regularly.
Chairman:  Mike Popich (317) 327-5550
Members:  Bob Bullock, Jack Spaulding, Mike Sheeks, Mike Lathrop, Mark Timmons, Jim Barrett, and Shelley Wakefield

Finance Committee
Objective:  To monitor the books and official records of the Association.  The Finance Committee meets periodically.
Chairman:  Chuck DeWitt 574-935-8531
Members:  Mike Lathrop

Legislative Committee
Objective:  To influence legislation and to direct legal counsel in Association matters.  The Legislative Committee meets periodically, as issues arise.
Chairman:  Brent Liggett (317) 571-2491
Members:  Vicki Thrasher, Marc Nard, and Doug Zachary

Scholarship Committee
Objective:  To accept applications for and to make selection of the recipients of IABO scholarships. The Scholarship Committee meets periodically to review applications and select the scholarship winners.
Chairman:  Scott Thomas (574) 453-7461
Members:  Craig Wagner, Travis Eash, and Jim Straws

Membership & Credentials Committee
Objective:  To promote involvement and to generate a roster of active IABO members, to represent the Association in matters regarding public image of IABO.  The Membership/Media Committee meets occasionally.
Chairman:  Co-Chairman Mike Popich (317) 327-5550 and Co-Chairman Chuck DeWitt 574-935-8531

Nominating Committee
Objective:  To nominate and establish a field of candidates for the Association's elections.  The Nominating Committee meets occasionally, as needed.
Chairman:  James Straws (260) 274-1490
Members:  Vicki Thrasher and Jessica Houghton

Resolutions Committee
Chairman:  James Straws (260) 274-1490
Members:  Kipp Cantrell and Craig Bosselman

Indiana Region V ICC Representative:  James Straws, 2020 Region V President; Brent Liggett; Chuck DeWitt

Committee Application:  If you are interested in serving on a committee, please complete the Committee Application.

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