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Indiana Association of Building Officials

         No Code. No Confidence.

Why is this important?

Building Safety Month provides education for the public about solutions that improve the safety, sustainability and resiliency of buildings, infrastructure and communities. Properly administered and up-to date safety codes reduce loss of life and property damage. Contemporary planning, building materials, design and construction can make our communities more resilient in the aftermath of disasters, fires and other events. Building Safety Month unites industries, associations, academia and government under a common goal to protect the public by creating a safe and resilient built environment.

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May 1–5

Week One:

Preparing for disasters: Build strong, build smart

Making sure communities are prepared for any natural disaster.

More info HERE.

May 6–12

Week Two:

Ensuring a safer future through training and education

Working with the building industry to train the next generation of building safety professionals.

More info HERE.

May 13–19

Week Three:

Securing clean, abundant water for all communities

Helping to make smart decisions about water safety and conservation.

More info HERE.

May 20–26

Week Four:

Construction professionals and homeowners: Partners in safety

Building safety professionals work to ensure your project is safe and successful.

More info HERE.

May 27–31

Week Five:

Innovations in building safety

Making communities more resilient with science and technology based code requirements.

More info HERE.

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